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This is a traditional Romanian alcoholic beverage,usually made from plums.It is very popular among Romanians as,according to tradition,no meal may start without a shot of tuica.Traditionally tuica is prepared from early October until early December(after winemaking is complete).The process must generally be finished before Christmas as not leave unfinished business for the next year.If using plums,they must be left for fermentation for 6-8weeks,in large barrels.
According to both the tradition and the Romanian standards distillation must be done in a brass still,using a traditional fire source(generalle wood but also charcoal)Distillation can be done inside a specially built barn(this is practiced especially in Oltenia and Valahia)or outdoors,usually on a hill(in Transylvania).
The temperature is controlled traditionally by interpreting the sound that the still makes and by tasting the brew at different points in the process.Usually this process results in three grades of tuica:
a).Very strong-usually distilled twice,generally a quarter of the production and the first to come out of the still about 45-55% alcohol by volume,fairly similar to “palinca”(another Romanian drink).
b).normal-the common grade of tuica about one half of the production and what most Romanians would recognize as proper tuica about 30-40% alcohol by volume
c).weak-the last to come from the still between 5-15% alcohol.


Is a traditional type of brandy that is produced in Transylvania a region of Romania.It is usually made from plums,apples,pears,apricots and sometimes cherries and is double distilled.The alcohol content varies,with 40% or less being the norm as required by law,for stamped bottle available in stores.


Is a Romanian alcoholic beverage produced by filling a jar with sour cherries,they filling the rest of the jar with alcohol(tuica or palinca),adding sugar and leaving it in the sun for a while.It is very flavorful and sweet.

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